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What's NEW?

eBay Live
I hope many of you are going to attend eBay Live in New Orleans on June 24 through 26th. I'm not teaching this year, so I'll have lot more time to spend with you! Visit me in my publisher's booth (John Wiley #632 near the Pink's Lounge), over at the Auction Advisor booth (#101 near the eBay Store) or at the eBay Elite Booth. I'm looking forward to chatting with you!

New Articles
Check out my articles:

Also Visit to read even more new stuff!

Internet Color Chart  
If you have an eBay store, you can customize your colors. Here's a page with hundreds of unique colors for your store (or website), visit the
HTML colors in Hexadecimal Numbers page. This page will open in a new window. Please give it a minute or two to load - it's huge!

eBay Fee Calculator:
For those of you who are calculating your fees for your sales budgets on your auction items, I don't have to tell you what an eye opener it can be. Truth be told, when I sell my books on eBay, the cost is $1.98 for insertion, gallery and buy it now - and an additional .91 for Billpoint payments. That's close to $3 out of my sales price (not including PayPal fees). That's quite a chunk of change! (If any of my readers knows where I can buy my books for resale cheap - please let me know!)

It's most important to know your fees before you list your item so that you can set a reasonable starting price. I use a fee calculator for this. If you are not aware, this fantastic tool is available FREE to my readers for a 30 day trial. Just click here. The tiny program can calculate virtually any combination of eBay option and let you know your fees - before you list!

Picture Lighting Tips
It’s all in the bulb you use! Regular incandescent bulbs will throw a yellowish tone on your images. If you take your photos in florescent lighting, they will have a blue tone. I've had some great luck with Halogen 50 watt track lights that throw beautiful white light (they have a regular screw in base), and I found them at Costco. My second choice is GE Reveal 100 watt - but their light isn't as white as the halogen.

New Gadgets Page
I've found some new great items to help eBay sellers. Visit the gadgets page to see the new products. I have a new invention, the Infiniti board by Cloud Dome. It's a portable stage to help you take your pictures for eBay.

Newsletter Archives
I'll try to post my popular monthly newsletters on the site after they've been distributed. If you want to be the first to get the news - be sure to sign up for your personal copy.

eBay University!
eBay has once again graciously invited me to teach at eBay University classes around the country. I'll be traveling to about 6 cities this coming year! Hopefully I'll be in a city close to you. Please email me to let me know if you'll be attending an eBay U, so hopefully we can meet. Click here for my instructor profile. As soon as I get the schedule, I will post it here.

eBay Seller's Marketplace for your website!
If you'd like to have your auctions listed on your website, eBay has a little known tool to help you. You will get a neat looking box on your website, with clickable links to your auctions. The prices on the auctions will update to your website every 20 minutes. For an idea of what it looks like - visit my "old" home page, and scroll down to the headline: "Look Below to See our Current eBay Auctions" and below you'll see the eBay Marketplace.

You can get the HTML coding for this handsome auction block for your own website by clicking here. eBay will generate a small piece of HTML for you to insert in your web page. This will work on any web page, even ISP home pages..

Dangerous Email
Many eBay users been getting emails that look like they are from eBay, but they’re not. Unscrupulous internet sales scammers have somehow gotten hold of our email addresses and used our mailboxes for their “Get Rich on eBay” scams. 

There’s even a more dangerous email going around, this one not only has an eBay return address, but also looks like the type of email that eBay sends out. It says that eBay has checked your contact information and has found it to be invalid, and your bidding ability is suspended. It then instructs you to click a link in the email - that looks like it goes to eBay, but actually takes you to another “look-alike” site. It asks you to input your user ID and password. DON’T DO IT!

You need to report these scams to eBay. Go to eBay's reporting link
and click the selection “Member Problems”, then select the issue :
“I don’t think an email I received is actually from eBay”. Click the continue button, then on the next page, scroll down and click “Contact Support”

eBay not only wants you to copy and paste the email here, but they want the “headers”. Here’s how to find the headers of an email:
- In Microsoft Outlook, double click the e-mail. Then click
View>>Options. In Outlook Express, click the e-mail. Then click
File>>Properties and select the Details tab.
- In Netscape, click the message to open it. Then click
View>>Message Source to display the header.
Highlight the text you see, copy and paste it into the eBay text box. The super sleuths at eBay will be able to trace the email with this information. 
For a MAC
using Microsoft Outlook (or the more popular larger version called Microsoft Entourage) you just click on the e-mail and pull down the "VIEW" menu and choose "SOURCE".

Do other sellers steal your pictures?
Nothing, but nothing, is more infuriating than seeing one of your competitors auctions - with the same items as you're selling AND an image stolen from one of your auctions. Even more upsetting, as when they don't steal the picture and put it on their own server, but take your URL and draw them from your website! Learn how to foil picture thieves here.


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